Aye’la is a Golden Retriever who loves to go to the beach. Her favorite toys are balls and a stuffed, squeaky raccoon. She and her fellow therapy dog friend, J.R., are best friends and they enjoy romping together on the grass at Elings Park.



Buffy (aka “Dickens”) is a 7.5 lb. Chihuahua mix who was adopted from an animal shelter in Southern California in 2018. Her favorite activities include eating, snuggling, going for walks, and checking “pee mail” and her favorite toy is anything with a squeaker. Buffy loves to entertain both children and adults by “Counting to 5” (in both English and Spanish!).



Cali (California) is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who traveled from New Hampshire to become a California girl. She is sweet, very smart, and quite helpful around the house. Cali is calm, well-mannered and loves having her picture taken!



Cupcake is a Havanese whose favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog. Her full name is Cali Cupcake, but is known to all her friends as Cupcake because (no surprise!) she is soooo sweet. When she’s not busy participating in our Mindful Kids’ classes at local elementary schools, you can find Cali wearing a string of pink pearls and riding around town in a special basket on her human mom’s bicycle.



Frida is a Labrador Retriever who started training to become a therapy dogs when she was just a few months old. She has started her therapy dog work with virtual Mindfulness classes at local schools.  Frida loves the water and her favorite place is the beach. Her next favorite place is Elings Park where she plays off leash with her dog friends. Frida is a true ‘social butterfly’ and loves other dogs and people!



Lacey is a Golden Retriever.  She loves surfing, swimming in the pool, and carrying the largest stick she can find on the beach! She loves everyone and her tail is always wagging.  She also serves as a secret double agent/superstar as a medical alert dog using her keen sense of smell.  She gets high marks for being an all-around-good-dog.



Mazda is a Labrador Retriever whose favorite toy is his Jolly ball. Mazda was originally trained as a guide dog, but he had other plans! Mazda was adopted into his forever home one Thanksgiving weekend and he is forever grateful to be able to continue helping people through his many volunteer activities.


Molly 1.19 C

Molly is a Maltese mix. Molly has been a therapy dog for nearly half her life and is an active participant in our ARF! reading program and our Mindful Kids program (we affectionately call her “Mindful Molly” because she is so calm and helps the children learn how to reduce stress and anxiety). Molly visits The Samarkand on a regular basis and  L-O-V-E-S giving kisses to everyone she meets!



Olivia is a Schnauzer, Yorkie, and Poodle mix (affectionately called a “Snorkie-Doodle!). She loves hiking around her parents’ ranch, snuggling, and showing off the many tricks she knows… doing handstands is one of her favorites!



Clover is an Australian Shephard, who is deaf and responds to hand signals. Her favorite toys are frisbees and balls and she ALWAYS wants to know where the cat is!



Rogue truly loves people of all ages, from the smallest babies to the oldest seniors. This boy is ever-ready to please with a sweet lick, a shake of his paw, a flop onto his back for belly rubs, or a “hug” by leaping into your lap with just his front legs. Rogue is a playful guy, and loves meeting new pooch friends on the beach, in the park, or around town. His favorite things, besides people and dogs, are kitties, squeaky toys and balls, and a good chew session with a peanut-flavored bone.



Emma is a McNab and, although she is not interested in toys, she LOVES beach walks and fully embodies the ideal that love is all we have!



Scarlett is a Soft Wheaton Terrier mix, who was a rescue from foster parents. They didn’t know her exact birthday, so they celebrate every single day in July! She loves a good chew bone and enjoys hiking and long walks on the beach. Scarlett knows no stranger and loves to be around people.



Willow is a Golden Retriever who brings love to everyone she meets! Her favorite activity is running on the beach and her favorite toy is an orange rubber bone. As part of her continuing education, Willow is learned how to Salsa dance and she is always ready for the dance floor!



Cricket is a Brittany Spaniel who loves her squeaky chipmunk and tennis ball. Her favorite activities are making new friends and catching treats. Her motto in life is “live, laugh, lick.”



Jazzie is a Chihuahua mix. At 10 pounds she is tiny but mighty! She loves riding in a car or golf cart and particularly adores being petted.



Dandelion is an English Cream Golden Retriever. He adores everyone he meets and lives to love others. He enjoys cuddles and belly rubs from his people, chasing a tennis ball and playing with other dogs. His motto is Eat, Play, Love.



IN LOVING MEMORY of Sandy, beloved therapy dog and the matriarch of Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara. Sandy passed away on August 5, 2020 at the age of 14-1/2. Throughout her wonderful, long life, Sandy enjoyed hiking with her family, swimming in the ocean, and visiting children in schools and libraries and listening to them read to her. She even published her very own children’s book, Animals Have Feelings, Too!